Mark’s musical experience, professionalism and knowledge have lead him to also teach drummers as well.

Mark’s musical career began at a very young age. His mother was (and still is) a music teacher. She was teaching music in schools from the time she graduated high school then taught piano lessons at home. A past president of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association, Mark’s mother has a vast and varied professional music career.

Mark started his formal lessons on the piano with an agreement of once he graduated his Grade 2 in piano his parents would buy him a set of drums.

That came to fruition and Mark began playing drums at the age of 9. He will never forget the day when his Dad took him out to get his first set of drums.

Now the ‘noise’ had started. Mark took drums lessons from 2 amazing teachers. His first one was a cool guy by the name of Mr. Stevens. Mark thought he was awesome because he played in a rock band. After some time with Mr. Stevens, he went to another teacher, Mr. Tully. Mark’s first impression of him was ‘This guy is too old to play the drums, he can’t be very good.’

Well did that attitude change in the first minute Mark heard Mr. Tully play. Mr. Tully used to perform live in bands when they played live on the radio – way back when. He was also a member of the London Symphony Orchestra. Mark was now learning classical drums as well.

Mr. Tully’s drums were set up in his music room and there Mark was tutored on all aspects of drum playing. Not only the rudiments but also on performing. Learning such things as various sticking patterns, rudiments and different types of strokes, Mark was soon on his way to performing live!

Mark has been inspired by drummers Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, Phil Collins, Ron Bushy and his great friend Phil just to name a few.

By the time he was in Grade 6, Mark was performing for audiences all over Toronto and branching across Ontario. He passed an audition to become a member of the All Scarborough School Band expanding his musical experience into orchestra.

Once into High School, he belonged to all the music departments. He was a member of all the bands, stage band, orchestra and symphony. Travelling now with the bands as far as Bahamas. He also performed for her Majesty the Queen.

A graduate from University of Toronto, Royal Conservatory of Music, Mark now spends most of his time playing music professionally with his main band, Turning Point. He also performs with Blind Rust and other bands when he has the time to jump in and help out. These bands perform in Toronto, the GTA and around the province at various bars, charity functions, outdoor venues, dances, weddings, corporate events or any event that they are able to participate.

Mark performs with solo artists when requested. Mark has been involved in recordings for various artists, studio work and recordings of his own bands. He also gives private lessons to those young drummers wishing to fulfil their dreams of being that ‘Rock n Roll’ star. Mark has also song solo at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in North York.

Music fills the walls of his home. All of his children play some sort of instrument. A dream of Mark’s would be to have a band that consists of his entire family, a true ‘Partridge Family.’

Mark wishes to pass on a huge thank you, big hug and kiss to his mother who inspired him to play music and perform.